Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not much longer now.

So here's what happened. I got back from Alabama in December to find my house frozen. Seattle had suffered a deep freeze in my absence and I was in such a rush to get home and see my father before he died that I didn't think to leave the heat on in my house. I returned to find the water in my toilet was a solid block of ice, the sink had an icicle hanging from the faucet, and the seal on the bottom of the toilet had broken causing water to leak all over the floor which had also frozen into a sheet of ice. Also, my computer was no longer working. It has taken three months, but I have finally been able to purchase a new computer system. I should have it in two or three weeks. As soon as the new system is up and running, I'll be able to finish my music lists for 1966 and at long last we will see the beginning of 1967.

Thanks to all for your patience and I sincerely hope that you are still with me. With luck, we'll never have such a big delay of posting again. I'll be back soon.