Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Oct. 24th Update

First of all, if you'll look over to the right, you'll see that I got us a message board. So please make use of the message board to comment on the lists once they start showing up.

I'm working as much as I can on preparing the lists for posting, but I'm also searching for a new job at the same time.

Here's my employment story. I have a degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting. I worked in television back in Alabama for a few years after I finished college. I even directed a live morning talk show for a year. Unfortunately, when I moved to Seattle ten years ago, I discovered that it was basically impossible to get a broadcasting job in this city if you don't know the right people.

I got a temp job at Amazon.com doing accounts-payable. Next thing you know, I've been there for five years. I finally got fed up and quit and then I got another temp job in accounts-payable. This time it was for a company called online shoes.com. I expected to be there for a few months, but I was there for two years. I've wasted seven full years of my life doing work that makes me miserable. That's just no way to live. What is the point of continuing one's life if the work that they do is meaningless and un-fulfilling. So, I quit my job and I'm going to go back to school. In the meantime, I need to find some kind of a decent job while I'm going to school. So this is taking up some of my list-making time.

I'm also very concerned about the upcoming elections, and I'm paying a lot of attention to the polls that come out every day. I hope and pray that the Democrats are able to take back the majorities in the House and Senate, but I'm terrified the Republicans will find a way to steal yet another election.

So, I'm gonna get the first little list of pre-1950's songs up in the next couple of days and get this blog properly started.

Thanks for your interest.

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