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What else happened in 1952?

In the news…

*Feb. 6 – Elizabeth II becomes Queen upon the death of her father George VI.
*Feb. 14 – The Winter Olympics in Oslo begin.
*Feb. 26 – Winston Churchill announces that Britain has an atomic bomb.
*Mar. 27 – Sun Records begins operations.
*May 1 – Mr. Potato Head is introduced.
*May 8 – Mad Magazine debuts.
*Jun. 15 – The Diary of Anne Frank is published.
*Jul. 19 – The Summer Olympics in Helsinki begin.
*Sep. 23 – Nixon’s “Checkers” speech.
*Nov. 1 – The US successfully detonates the first hydrogen bomb at Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands.
*Nov. 4 – Dwight D. Eisenhower defeats Adlai Stevenson in the 1952 US Presidential Election.
*Dec. 15 – Christine Jorgensen is the recipient of the first successful sexual reassignment operation.

Famous Births…

*Jan. 20 – Paul Stanley, singer for Kiss
*Mar. 2 – Laraine Newman, original SNL cast member
*Mar. 11 – Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy
*Mar. 22 – Bob Costas, the best interviewer on TV today
*Apr. 16 – Billy West, very cool voice actor, does Ren on Ren & Stimpy and Fry on Futurama
*Apr. 22 – Marilyn Chambers, legendary porn actress
*Apr. 24 – Jean-Paul Gaultier, interesting fashion designer.
*May 14 – David Byrne, singer for The Talking Heads
*May 21 – Mr. T, no description needed, It’s Mr. freakin’ T!
*Jun. 7 – Liam Neeson, very cool Irish actor
*Jun. 18 – Carol Kane, very cool and oddly attractive actress
*Jun. 20 – John Goodman, very cool and funny actor
*Jul. 1 – Dan Aykroyd, original SNL cast member, Blues Brother, and Doctor Detroit!
*Jul. 15 – Terry O’Quinn, cool actor. Check out The Stepfather and Lost.
*Aug. 8 – Robin Quivers, Howard Stern sidekick
*Aug. 13 – Herb Ritts, really awesome photographer
*Aug. 19 – Jonathan Frakes, Commander William Riker from Next Gen
*Aug. 21 – Joe Strummer, punk rock legend, singer for The Clash
*Aug. 27 – Paul Reubens. Dude, it’s Pee-Wee Herman.
*Sep. 12 – Neil Peart, drummer for Rush, one of the greatest drummers of all time
*Sep. 25 – Christopher Reeve, Superman!
*Oct. 5 – Clive Barker, great horror writer. Check out Cabal.
*Oct. 22 – Jeff Goldblum, cool actor.
*Nov. 30 – Keith Giffen, great comic book creator, I loved that funny Justice League stuff
*Dec. 9 – Michael Dorn, Worf!!!

Famous Deaths…

*Jan. 18 – Curly Howard, one of The Three Stooges, I love Curly
*May 21 – John Garfield, extremely cool classic actor, check out The Postman Always Rings Twice
*Jul. 26 – Evita Peron, famous Argentine first lady.
*Oct. 26 – Hattie McDaniel, played Mammy in Gone with the Wind

In the world of movies…

The Top Grossing Films of 1952

5. Sailor Beware
4. The Snows of Kilimanjaro
3. Ivanhoe
2. Quo Vadis
1. The Greatest Show on Earth

Oscar Winners of 1952

Best Picture – The Greatest Show on Earth
Best Actor – Gary Cooper (High Noon)
Best Actress – Shirley Booth (Come Back, Little Sheba)
Best Supp. Actor – Anthony Quinn (Viva Zapata!)
Best Supp. Actress – Gloria Grahame (The Bad and the Beautiful)
Best Director – John Ford (The Quiet Man)

Other Films released in 1952

Singin’ in the Rain

In the world of television…

Shows premiering in 1952

The Today Show
American Bandstand
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
The Ernie Kovacs Show
Hockey Night in Canada
The Honeymooners
This Is Your Life

In the world of books…

Great Books published in 1952

Charlotte’s Web – E.B. White
East of Eden – John Steinbeck
Foundation and Empire – Isaac Asimov
Invisible Man – Ralph Ellison
The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway
The Devils of Loudon – Aldous Huxley

In the world of comics…

Mad Magazine is first published.
Marvel Comics first publishes Journey into Mystery.

In the world of sports…

*World Series – The New York Yankees win 4 games to 3 over the Brooklyn Dodgers.
*NBA Finals – The Minneapolis Lakers win 4 games to 3 over the Syracuse Nationals.
*Boxing – On Sep. 23 in Philadelphia, Rocky Marciano knocks out Jersey Joe Walcott in the 13th round to win the World Heavyweight Championship.
*NFL Championship – The Detroit Lions win 17-7 over the Cleveland Browns.
*Stanley Cup – The Detroit Red Wings win 4 games to 0 over the Montreal Canadiens.
*Summer Olympics – The US wins the most medals (76) and the most gold medals (40).
*Winter Olympics – Norway wins the most medals (16) and the most gold medals (7).

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