Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Best Songs of 1962 - Nos. 12 to 6

12. Duke Of Earl – Gene Chandler (Duke Of Earl)

This one spent three weeks at number one back in 1962 and Gene Chandler built a whole persona around it. He got the cape, the monocle, the top hat and the cane and he became the Duke of Earl. It’s a pretty cool song.

11. You Belong To Me – The Duprees (You Belong To Me)

This pretty doo-wop cover of an older pop standard has always appealed to me. Bob Dylan did a really nice cover of it once too. Among the doo-wop songs of its time, this one really stood out.

10. Funny How Time Slips Away – Willie Nelson (And Then I Wrote)

It doesn’t seem to be this old of a song, but Willie originally recorded it in 1962 on an album called “And Then I Wrote.” This is one of the most beautiful country songs of the era. Willie is the man. I’m including two videos of the song, because they’re both really cool and I can’t decide which one I like better.

9. Leah – Roy Orbison (Workin’ For The Man)

This was the B-side of Roy’s Workin’ For The Man single. It wasn’t a huge hit, but this lovely number about a pearl diver has always been one of my favorites. I dated a girl named Leah for a few weeks in high school and this song kinda reminds me of that, so there’s a nostalgia thing too.

8. I Can’t Stop Loving You – Ray Charles (Modern Sounds In Country & Western Music)

Ray Charles decided to remake some classic country songs in 1962. He took this song from Don Gibson and created a classic for the ages. This is a beautiful interpretation all the way down to those backup singers.

7. Stand By Me – Ben E. King (Ben E. King Sings For Soulful Lovers)

This song has been a hit several times. It made the top ten upon initial release in 1962 and again as the theme song for the movie of the same name in 1986. John Lennon did a really nice version as well.

6. Up On The Roof – The Drifters (Up On The Roof)

I can certainly sympathize with the desire to get away from it all in your own little Shangri-la. The Drifters got it right on this one. It made it to number 4 on the R&B charts and number 5 on the pop charts.

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Man this is a great site!! The memories that are cunjured up!! Sent the link to my nephew who is 25 years tounger and he has downloaded all the listed 60's songs from iTines. Now he understands when I ramble on about it being a great musical and film era

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Wow, great stuff and a great site. You are a dedicated dude Leo. Thank you for finding and organizing such great content. The Ben E King clip is fantastic.

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