Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hello everyone, Leo the Listmaker has returned after a long absence.

I will be posting regularly from here on out. I'm moving away from the music lists for the time being as I have decided that they should be more comprehensive. In the meantime, I'm going to be posting on movies. I have just finished watching 41 movies from 1966 in order to do a proper and informed top ten list as well as picking the Oscars for that year the way they should have gone. Over the next several days I'll be posting my picks for Best Supporting Actor and Actress, Best Lead Actor and Actress, Best Director, and my Top Ten list for 1966. Once that's completed, I'll begin watching 46 movies from 1967 and I'll be writing reviews and posting pictures from each of those films. I hope people come away informed and entertained.

So, here's to the rebirth of the Pop Culture Palace!

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news. You've been missed. And I think doing the movies is great idea. I loved today's post.