Friday, March 12, 2010

My Last Idol

I have been a fan of American Idol since the 3rd season (2004 with Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson). I've enjoyed the show for the most part despite the occasional disappointment. However, last night was the most colossally stupid decision I have seen in the history of the show. Lilly Scott is the most exciting new musical artist I have seen in many years. She was, by far, the most talented person on the show. For her to be shut out of the top twelve when Katie Stevens and Paige Miles got in after weeks of poor performances was an outrage. I cannot express strongly enough how disgusted I am at the Idol voters who let this happen. I've been a faithful watcher of this show for seven years, but last night was my last Idol. I'll not watch the show again.

For Lilly, I only hope that she will get a record deal and start releasing some music. I'll surely buy it and I'm sure that many others will as well. Lilly, you have a fan in me. Idol, you just lost a fan.

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nyrdyv said...

I am not trying to put down anyone else's tastes, but I seem to be able to get more out of reruns of Star Search than I can out of any of the modern live performance contest syndications.


Steven G. Willis