Thursday, September 02, 2010

Top Ten Comic Book Covers – January 1967

10. Strange Tales #152 (Marvel)

Bill Everett drew this cover featuring Dr. Strange and the evil sorceress Umar.

9. Daredevil #24 (Marvel)

Gene Colan was the artist on this cover which features the jungle lord Ka-Zar getting ready to throw our hero Matt Murdock off the walls of a castle.

8. Falling In Love #88 (DC)

DC’s romance comic Falling In Love is responsible for some of the funniest covers around. Mr. Ken-head is workin’ that ascot.

7. Amazing Spider-Man #44 (Marvel)

A great action cover by John Romita featuring Spidey trying to web up The Lizard, one of the most interesting members of the Webhead’s rogues gallery.

6. X-Men #28 (Marvel)

This issue marked the debut of Sean Cassidy aka Banshee. 

He would appear in X-Men comics for years to come. Werner Roth drew a great cover for him.

5. Our Army At War #175 (DC)

Joe Kubert was one of the greatest cover artists ever, especially in the war comic genre. His work on Sgt. Rock was particularly acclaimed. Rock is pretty awesome on this cover.

4. Tales of Suspense #85 (Marvel)

The great superhero artist Gene Colan drew this tremendous cover where Mandarin shoots Tony Stark in the face.

3. Neutro #1 (Dell)

I love this cover. It was the one and only issue of Neutro. He was the most astounding super hero of all and he does not know the difference between right and wrong. His legs don’t appear to fit into his torso properly. He looks like he’s trying to grab those buildings for support. That’s great.

2. Our Fighting Forces #105 (DC)

Another fantastic Joe Kubert war cover. Holy crap! It looks like that dude is pushing a red hot grenade into the other dude’s face with his bare hand! That is badass!

1. Eerie #7 (Warren)

Warren’s classic horror comic Eerie had the best cover of January 1967 with this beautiful Frank Frazetta painting.

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Bob said...

No Detective Comics #359 ("The Million-Dollar Debut of Batgirl")?

That must have been a slow month for me. The only comics that I bought that month were Fantastic Four and the Superman 80-Page Giant.

Leo said...

That is so weird. That cover probably would have made the list but it didn't come up in my search. I don't know how I could have missed that one.

macsnafu said...

So what made Neutro a super-hero if he didn't know the difference between right and wrong??
And what was the deal with these early Daredevil stories and castles? They seem to have popped up on a regular basis.