Saturday, November 14, 2009

The 40 Best Songs of 1966

Numbers 35 to 31

35. Black Is Black – Los Bravos

This one went up to number 4 on the charts and was the first song by a group from Spain to get that high. I’m particularly fond of Mike Kogel’s vocals.

34. Fire Engine – The 13th Floor Elevators

Contrary to popular belief, San Francisco did not have a monopoly on the psychedelic sound. Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators give Austin, Texas a legitimate claim to being the birthplace of psychedelia. Fire Engine was one of their best.

33. Homeward Bound – Simon and Garfunkel

This beautifully told story of homesickness is one of Paul Simon’s best songs. It just gives you a good feeling to hear it. It went to number five on the charts.

32. Rain – The Beatles

The B-side to Paperback Writer, the single went up to number 23 on the charts in June of 1966. It was one of the first Beatles songs to give a hint of the studio experimentation to come.

31. Under My Thumb – The Rolling Stones

It is one of the most misogynistic of Stones songs, but Brian Jones rocked that marimba.

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