Thursday, April 15, 2010

The 40 Best Songs of 1966

Numbers 15 to 11

15. (We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet – The Blues Magoos

First you notice that amazing guitar riff, then comes the Farfisa organ, and you are immersed in 2 minutes and 18 seconds of psychedelic glory. The Magoos had their biggest hit with this song going all the way to number 5 on the US charts. It’s a shame more people don’t remember these guys. They were one of the great bands of the period and should be remembered alongside groups like the Airplane and the Dead.

14. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 – Bob Dylan

Dylan decided to kick off his classic Blonde on Blonde album with something a little different. It was controversial when he went electric, but were any of the folk purists who shouted at him at Newport prepared for him to go Brass Band? He turned out a great stomping classic that has become an anthem for many. As he says, “Everybody Must Get Stoned.”

13. Bus Stop – The Hollies

The beautiful harmonies of the Hollies alongside a fantastic guitar opening introduce us to one of the finest love songs of the year. It was the first top ten hit for the Hollies in the US, going up to number five. The lovely story of a boy and girl finding love under a shared umbrella at a rainy British bus stop still moves today and, again, that was a great guitar riff.

12. God Only Knows – The Beach Boys

The finest song on the Beach Boys’ classic Pet Sounds album. Everything about this song is brilliant from the varied and original instrumentation to the complex harmonies. Brian Wilson’s lyrics are also amazing. Very few love songs can express true depth of feeling as well as this one does. Despite the acclaim it has received and the influence it has had, the song only made it to number 39 on the US charts when it was released.

11. Wild Thing – The Troggs

The ultimate garage band single, the Troggs scored a number one hit with their cover of this classic song. What is it that sets this song so far above other garage rock anthems? If you ask me, it has to be that ocarina solo. Why don’t more bands pick up that ocarina? Hm?

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