Monday, December 04, 2006

The Best Songs of 1957 - Nos. 15 to 11

15. Wake Up Little Suzie – The Everly Brothers

Here’s a song with great harmonies and a very infectious beat. The lyrical content has always surprised me somewhat, however. So the guy and his girl fall asleep at the movies and are out all night and their reputations are shot? Now, I was in high school in the late eighties and I did pretty well. I wasn’t some big popular studly dude, but I got my fair share of action. Surely the kids in the fifties were getting a little something. I mean, teen sex didn’t just spring up in the sixties, right? Would this situation really have screwed up someone’s reputation? I just find it a little hard to believe.

14. Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On – Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee’s first hit made it to number one on the pop, country, and R&B charts. Rolling Stone Magazine placed it at number 61 on its Top 500 list. It’s a great rockin’ number with terrific piano work. Sun Studios certainly put some great stuff out in the late 50’s.

13. All Shook Up – Elvis Presley

Here’s another song that managed to top all three of the major charts, pop, country, and R&B. It was one of Elvis’s top-selling singles. It has an infectious hopping rhythm and Elvis sings it very well.

12. Lucille – Little Richard

Little Richard sang about a lot of women, from Long Tall Sally to Miss Molly. Lucille was a wonderful song in this tradition. The piano work was excellent and the beat was great as well. The song only got to number 21 on the pop charts, but it was a number one R&B hit.

11. Not Fade Away – Buddy Holly

This is a great example of the classic “Bo Diddley” beat. Buddy’s voice was in fine form on this song. Although it never charted, its reputation has grown over the years through numerous cover versions, notably one by The Rolling Stones.

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