Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What happened to Leo?

Man, what a harsh weekend!

I live in the Seattle area and if you've been watching the news, you may have heard about what happened here last Thursday night. We had a windstorm and it was a hell of a storm.

It was the most intense windstorm the region had seen in a long time. Nearly two million people, myself included, lost power. 12 people have died so far, many from carbon monoxide poisoning related to folks trying to warm up with the power out on freezing nights. Thank goodness I have a fireplace.

Anyway, my power went off at 9:30 pm on Thursday night and came back on at about 2:00 pm today, Tuesday. We had no power for five nights and it has been really cold.

Things are much better now. So, I'm going back to my regular posting schedule.

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