Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Best Songs of 1958 - Nos. 15 to 11

15. Ooh! My Soul – Little Richard

This really isn’t one of Little Richard’s more well-known songs. It only made it to number 31 on the pop charts and number 15 on the R&B charts. But I got my first Little Richard tape when I was twelve years old, and I thought that part where he stops the whole song and goes “Ooh! My Soul!” was awesome then and I still think its awesome now.

14. Yakety Yak – The Coasters

Any teenager can sympathize with the suffering of constant parental nagging about chores. This song speaks well to the “Life Sucks” genre of pop songs. I got it. We all got it. The Coasters had a big hit with this one.

13. All I Have To Do Is Dream – The Everly Brothers

Doesn’t this song just drip of the fifties? Apparently it was the only song to top all the Billboard singles charts simultaneously. It’s a very pretty song and those harmonies were amazing.

12. Sweet Little Sixteen – Chuck Berry

This may be the first hit rock song about a groupie. This Chuck Berry stuff is dear to my heart because “Sixteen Golden Greats” by Chuck Berry was one of the records in my small little collection of LPs when I was just a little kid back in the early 70’s.

11. Rumble – Link Wray

This revolutionized the way the guitar is played. It was the only instrumental to be banned from radio play in several markets because it glorified juvenile delinquency. I just love the way he plays it. This song rocks!

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