Saturday, July 02, 2011

The 100 Greatest Bands of all time - #74 Eels

They could be considered a solo act, but I’m treating Eels as a group. It is all essentially the work of E aka Mark Oliver Everett. Back in 1998, I came across a copy of Electro-Shock Blues. The soul-bearing work written in the wake of his sister’s suicide and the death of his mother from cancer was filled with personal songs dealing with childhood, loss, and madness. It is an incredible work of art. Daisies of the Galaxy came out in 2000 and was a fantastic collection of pop gems. I got to see him play live at the Crocodile a few years ago and it was amazing. This guy E should be a huge star. Sometimes the world doesn’t make sense. Just check out these awesome songs.

The first Eels video.

A fine example of E's awesome lyricism and storytelling. Going over to Susan's House. She's gonna make it right.

This is the first track I'm posting from the fantastic album, Electro-Shock Blues. This is Cancer for the Cure.

3 Speed. One of the finest songs ever written from the point of view of a child. Why won't you just tell me what's going on?

This song was my introduction to the Eels and is easily one of the ten best videos of the 90s.

This song is just beautiful and deeply meaningful.

I won't be denied this time
before i go out of my mind over matters
got my foot on the ladder
and I'm climbing up to the Moon.

First one I'm posting from the Daisies of the Galaxy album. I Like Birds.
If you're small and on a search, I've got a feeder for you to perch on.

Another tremendously original song and video from Eels. This is Flyswatter.

It's a beautiful day in Seattle.

This is the jam. Oh yeah.

Words can't be that strong
My heart is reeling
This is that fresh
that fresh feeling

E has got this heavy-guitared blues shouter thing going on here. I totally have beard envy.

Oh Yeah!

In the end, isn't Saturday Morning really all about pancakes and zombies?

We just did zombies, now let's do vampires.

I'm a go all nighter. I'm a Prizefighter. And thus we conclude our look at the Eels. I hope you all enjoyed them. 

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