Saturday, July 02, 2011

The 100 Greatest Bands of all time - #75 Santana

Bringing a Latin influence to the psychedelic scene by the San Francisco Bay in the late 60s, Santana was not just a showcase for the virtuosic skills of guitarist Carlos Santana. In the incarnation that recorded their first three albums, he was backed by drummer Michael Shrieve, percussionists Michael Carabello and Jose Areas, bassist David Brown, and keyboardist Gregg Rolie. Guitarist Neal Schon who would go on to fame with Journey joined up for their third album. Carlos Santana is one of the greatest guitarists in rock, capable of producing so distinctive a sound that he is recognizable from the first note. They made it all the way to the hall of fame playing a Latin/Rock hybrid that sounded unlike any band that came before.

Evil Ways at Woodstock.


Another one from Woodstock. Soul Sacrifice. Amazing drum solo in this one.

Got a black magic woman.

Oye Como Va. Love this one.

Samba Pa Ti. Such great guitar.

Here's Hope You're Feeling Better. This should have a much bigger hit.

and we conclude our look at Santana with their great song Everything's Coming Our Way. This should have been a big hit.

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